What can you expect on Dexter Guff is Smarter Than You (And You Can Be Too) :

  • Thought-provoking interviews with some of world’s most available thought leaders.
  • Strategies to grow your business.
  • Tips on how to better manipulate your relationships.
  • Rules for exaggerating your finances.
  • In general, you’ll learn how to completely explode your life.

Dex has changed millions of lives, some for the better.
With this show he wants to change your life too.

Meet Dexter Guff: life strategist, thought-leader, global authority on entrepreneurship as well as 17 other credible things. Read more

Released 8/30/17

On this episode Dex shares a personal story about how developed his own personal brand: ‘The Everyman Multi-Millionaire’. Read more

Released 9/7/17

Former meditation guru turned ‘busy brain’ evangelist, Nancy Newman joins Dexter to talk about the benefits of having a full mind... Read more

Released 9/14/17

Dexter explains how to create a “Personal Bubble” around oneself to block out any unwanted influence. Read more

Released 9/21/17

When Dexter’s producer Tammy is forced to bring her delinquent son Conner to work, Dex shifts the focus of the episode. Read more

Released 9/28/17

Dexter explains why starting a conference will give you instant credibility. Read more

Released 10/5/17

To set an example, Dexter decides to face some personal and professional enemies head on. Read more

Released 10/12/17

The theme for this episode is all an elaborate ploy by Dexter to interview the executive assistant of the woman he has fallen for, Sharon Do Read more

Released 10/19/17

Dexter’s long-time producer, Tammy, announces she is leaving the company for another job.
Read more

Released 10/26/17

Dexter finally speaks with his thought leader crush, Sharon Doyle.
Read more

Released 11/2/17

After an interview with the author of the book “How to Monetize Your Vacation” goes horribly wrong, Dexter disappears.
Read more

Released 11/9/17